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Welcome to Florida Self-Advocacy Central

Florida's news and information site for all things related to self-advocacy has a new name and home. The former Florida Self-Advocacy Alliance is now Florida Self-Advocacy Central and can be accessed at or under the "News Hub" tab on the Florida Self-Advocates Network'D website (

Florida Self-Advocacy Central will provide news, information, inspiration, and opportunities for action for all self-advocates in Florida, regardless of their affiliation with FL SAND or any self-advocacy group. Its primary goal is to be the go-to spot for anyone needing information on Florida's self-advocacy efforts.

Florida Self-Advocacy Central is new and a work in progress. For the site to be the best and most current it can be, we need the input of self-advocates. Please send us information about what's going on in your area as well as ideas for news/blog articles that you think would be of interest to self-advocates, their families, and service providers. All questions, comments, and contributions can be delivered to the editorial team here. You can also keep up with news on by Liking its Facebook page.

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