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Meet the Board

FL SAND is governed by a board of directors comprised of representatives from its member grassroots groups from around the state and at-large members.

A group of people sit in a room with six rectangular tables with brown table covers.
Denise Payne is wearing a blue scarf, has her hair up and smiling.

Denise Payne


Rachel Long is wearing a collared shirt and is smiling.

Rachel Long


Michael Lincoln-McCreight is wearing a white collared shirt and smiling

Michael Lincoln-McCreight



Greater Orlando

Chris Spears is wearing a red shirt and headphones around his neck. He has his eyes closed and is smiling.

Chris Spears

Board Member

Lauren Eaken is wearing a blue and green graphic t-shirt with a black neck overlay. She is wearing glasses, her hair is pulled back and she is smiling.

Lauren Eakin

Board Member

Damian Gregory is wearing black glasses and a black collared t-shirt with buttons. He is sitting in his wheelchair, looking to the right and smiling.

Damian Gregory

At-Large Board Member



Paul Shalett is wearing glasses, a blue jacket and a gray shirt. He has a white beard and is smiling.

Paul Shalett

Vice President

Rachael Riccobene is wearing sunglasses on her head and a white t-shirt. She has her hair pulled back and is smiling.

Rachael Riccobene


Emily DeLisle is wearing a red scarf and is smiling.

Emily DeLisle

Board Member

Randy Hill is wearing a white collared shirt with a black tuxedo jacket over. He is squinting his eyes and smiling.

Randy Hill

Board Member

Voices Heard 

Fort Myers


Krystal Sims is wearing glasses and smiling.

Krystal Sims

Board Member

Stand Up for Independence (SUFI)


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