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This photo is of Rachael Riccobene (a woman) smiling. She is indoors and there is a brown wall behind her. She has long brown hair that is pulled back into a pony tail. She is wearing sunglasses on the top of her head. She is also wearing a white t-shirt.
Rachael Riccobene
Board Rep.
This is a photo of Angie Dyer (a woman) smiling and holding a peace sign up. She is standing indoors with a coke machine, a brown door and a white fan in the background. Angie has long blonde hair. She is wearing a necklace, multiple bracelets and a black t-shirt.
Angie Dyer
Elephant Herds
Panama City
  • Board Rep: Rachael Riccobene
  • Advisor: Angie Dyer
  • Monthly Meeting: 2nd Tuesday each month @ 10 AM 
  • Contact Rachael Riccobene for meeting location: 
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