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Lifting Our Voices Together

The 2023 Florida Self-Advocacy Conference

August 18-20
Rosen Plaza / Orlando

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The Florida Self-Advocacy Conference is the largest gathering devoted to self-advocacy in the state. More than 150 self-advocates, their allies, parents, and providers are expected in support of the self-advocacy movement in Florida. This conference is also unique in that the majority of its trainers and speakers are self-advocates. 


This conference is hosted by the FL SAND Fellows Leadership Program in support of FL SAND's 15 local self-advocacy groups and all self-advocates in Florida. FL SAND (Florida Self-Advocates Network'D) is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded and operated by self-advocates. Organized by a statewide board of directors, its members advocate for disability issues in their hometowns and statewide. FL SAND provides a united voice among self-advocates on issues that are important to all Floridians with disabilities, such as transportation, employment, and healthcare.

Funded by a contract with the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, the FL SAND Fellows Program is an immersive training program for experienced leaders committed to further development of self-advocacy, leadership, and administrative skills. Fellows provide training and technical assistance to FL SAND in operating the network and provide training to FL SAND and other stakeholders through the Breaking Barriers Training Academy. 

        9700 International Drive        Orlando, FL 32819

About the conference

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