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New Horizons Support Group for People with Disabilities
Tampa Area
  • Founder and President: Arizona Jenkins
  • FL SAND Board Rep: Vacant
  • Monthly Meeting
2nd Thursday / 11 am -- 1 pm 
8901 North Armenia Avenue 
Tampa, Florida
  • For more information, contact
813-494-0111 /
A woman and a man sit in their wheelchairs. The woman is wearing a pink shirt, glasses and a brown purse strap around her neck. The man is wearing a white cap and a collared plaid t-shirt with buttons. Both are sitting in their wheelchairs and smiling.
Natalie Horne, FL SAND member, and Arizona Jenkins, president and advisor of New Horizons Support Group
Five people stand in front of a white bus. One person is on the wheelchair lift. All of them are smiling.
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