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Meet The Fellows

 The photo is of Beyssa Buil, a woman wearing glasses. She is posing for a selfie indoors. Beyssa has a smile on her face and is looking directly at the camera. The image focuses on her face, glasses, and clothing.

Beyssa Buil - Miramar

Beyssa Buil, a chaplain, grief & trauma counselor, and Unitarian Universalist community minister, has been deeply involved in supporting civic engagement and justice campaigns in low-income communities of Miami Dade for 15 years. She connects individuals to justice campaigns on the local, state, and national levels, helping to increase the representation of people with disabilities in social justice movements. Beyssa has a master's of divinity degree and is completing her Buddhist ecclesiastical endorsement with Upaya monastery. As executive director for Society of the Flora, Fauna & Friends, she envisions an inclusive world that provides equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities to participate in a society with equity, dignity and respect.

This is a photo of Nicole Coratti (a woman) smiling. She is sitting in a black wheelchair outdoors. She has long brown hair that goes past her shoulders. She is wearing black glasses, earrings, a necklace and a blue dress.

Nicole Coratti - Naples

Nicole has a bachelor's degree in social work from the University of Central Florida and is a Partners in Policymaking graduate. She is actively involved in StarAbility in Naples, most recently as a mentor and writer for their newsletter. This experience has assisted her in finding her voice, which she now uses to help other self-advocates in her sphere of influence. Nicole loves raising awareness about inclusion by taking part in a variety of activities in her community, including the Naples on the Gulf Kiwanis Club, I’m a Star at the Naples Performing Arts Center, and as a past member of the Residential Options of Florida (ROOF) board of directors.

This is a photo of Chatequa Pinkson (a woman) smiling. She is indoors. She has short black hair. She is wearing earrings and an orange shirt.

Chatequa Pinkston - Tampa

Chatequa has the heart to encourage individuals with disabilities through her life experiences. She was born with cerebral palsy. She earned a Master’s of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of South Florida. She is an entrepreneur, an ordained minister, an author of several self-published books, and a public speaker. Chatequa is the founder of Hidden Treasures Ministries, which works to empower people with disabilities. She also serves on several other disability-related boards.   

This is a photo of Patrick D'Arcy (a man) smiling. This photo was taken indoors with a brown background with a grey painting on the top of the background. Patrick has short brown hair. He is wearing brown-rounded glasses, a marroon shirt and a black lanyard.

Patrick D'Arcy - Orlando

Patrick is a self-advocate on the autism spectrum who is passionate about making our community a more inclusive place. He graduated from Valencia State College in 2022 with an associate degree in United States government. After leaving college, Patrick joined MAGICAL Self Advocacy that serves the Greater Orlando area to make advocacy grow across the state. Disability justice is a key issue that interests him. After being told that he would never amount to anything in high school, Patrick was challenged to became involved in empowering others to achieve their goals. His hobbies are reading, traveling to new places, and doing voiceovers.

The photo is of Jason Hahr, a man wearing glasses, inside The Family Café. The image focuses on his face, showing his smile, beard, and Family Cafe lanyard.

Jason Hahr - Ocala

Jason is a passionate lover of life and all things challenging. He has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair but does not let it limit him. Jay has several college degrees but says he is more than his scholastic achievements. He is an avid reader, sports lover, television junky, amateur screenwriter, writer and blogger for more than a decade, and sit-down comedian. Jay loves to write and views the written word as a way to compensate for his physical limitations.

This is a photo of Michelle Zeman (a woman) smiling. There is a gray background in the photo. Michelle has long brown hair that is past her shoulders. She is wearing round-shaped glasses and a green dress with white flowers.

Michelle Zeman - Orlando

Michelle was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder-not other specified when she was three years old and was considered “borderline severe.” Despite being told she would never be a functioning member of society, she earned her Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis in autism and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2016. She discovered the value of self-advocacy and activism through her career in behavior analysis and her time in Partners in Policymaking (as she is a 2023 graduate). She is passionate about policy change in mental health services and disability training for all community workers. 

This is a photo of Matthew Walzer (a man) smiling. This photo was taken outdoors. He has short brown hair. He is wearing black oval-shaped glasses and a blue jacket.

Matthew Walzer - Jacksonville

Matthew lives with cerebral palsy, affecting his mobility, vision and dexterity. Matthew is unable to tie his shoes. At 16, aspiring to go away to college he penned #NikeLetter, asking for accessible footwear. Nike collaborated with him, launching FlyEase in 2015. Empowered by FlyEase, Matthew pursued college, graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2018. His story has been featured on major platforms like The Drew Barrymore Show and NPR since 2021. On a personal advocacy level, Matthew aims for change in the education, transportation, and government sectors.

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