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Family Cafe Presentation Proposal Webinar

Family Café welcomes presentation proposals from self-advocates each year. FL SAND delivered a workshop to assist self-advocates with writing effective presentation proposals in 2019. All information is relevant except the deadline for submission. REMEMBER that submissions are due January 7, 2022 – not the date stated in the webinar.


Highlights and tips about the webinar . . .

  1. PowerPoint 365 has the capability for real-time subtitles in English and other languages. As Family Café is always looking for presentations in Spanish it might enhance your chances if you noted in the proposal that you will be using Spanish subtitles.  “This presentation will include speaker subtitles in Spanish.” Use the specific terminology “speaker subtitles” as your slides will still be in English. Or you could use the English subtitles and write in the proposal that your presentation will be accessible to those who are hearing impaired via subtitles (make sure you write “subtitles” or the reader might assume you will have a sign language interpreter).

  2. Think outside the box regarding visual aids you can use other than slides. Consider role-plays or skits.

  3. AGAIN . . . the deadline is January 7 – not the one in the presentation (which was for Family Café 2020).

  4. Regarding the actual presentation if your proposal is accepted – be sure you have a back-up plan if your technology fails you. Always have a paper copy of your slides and a few copies for the audience. Or come prepared with a link on your phone that you can text or email the learners in your presentation.


“Family Café Presentation Proposal Workshop.” 

Link: How to Write a Presentation Proposal -- FL SAND - YouTube

Submit your Family Cafe 2022 presentation proposal here

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