Sara Brothers,
Chris Drummond
Samme Ripley
Central Florida Self-Determination Advocacy Council
Orlando Area
  • Co-Chair: Chris Drummond & Sara Brothers
  • Advisor: Samme Ripley
  • FL SAND Board Rep: Chris Drummond
  • Monthly Meeting
Third Saturday every other month (Feb, Apr, June, August, October, December).  Email for times and locations.
  • For more information, contact
Our group began more than 18 years ago with the Southern Movement in Central Florida. We are adults with developmental disabilities who believe in
  • Being treated as equals
  • Being given the same choices, rights, and chances to speak up and become empowered as all, and  
  • Being able to learn from our experiences and mistakes like everyone else.  
Members have served as appointees on state and local committees and boards (FDDC and Family Care Council), as well as graduated from Partners in Policymaking.